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At Global Heat Transfer, we work hard to ensure that we find a solution that will suit your needs; we don't tell you that we can't do it, or limit you to the available options in stock.

Global Heat Transfer offers a wide range of products to meet your needs. Therefore, we can take a much different approach to helping our customers. We analyze your specific requirements and then suggest a suitable product to fit accordingly.  And our in-house, full-time design team works to meet these requirements of our customers on time. We have the capability to design you a Radiator, Change Air Cooler, Hydraulic Oil Cooler, Compressor Oil Cooler ALL WITH ONE FAN! These designs can either be engine driven (direct drive) or remote design (with an electric or hydraulic motor). If you have a space restriction, or any other special requirements, we can accommodate you.

Global Heat Transfer is proud to offer Complete Cooling Systems for Tier 2 and Tier 3 Diesel Engines. 


Our radiators are available in 3 different core types:

Core1 Core2 Core3

Each core type has its own benefits; you can find one that will suit your requirements whether it be cost-effectiveness, light weight, or superior strength.


High Pressure Models Available

Global Heat Transfer is the first aluminum cooler manufacturer that offers standard operating pressures of up to 750psi*. By utilizing the most up to date technology, materials and process GHT is now able to offer standard and custom built coolers with these high pressures. With burst pressures exceeding 2200 psi our coolers are built to handle the most demanding applications.

Multiple Fin & Tube Designs

Global Heat Transfer has multiple fin profiles and tube designs that can meet your unique requirement. Whether it be the most compact heat exchanger or a cooler for a very dirty application, GHT has the fin and tube designs available to engineer a product that meets your needs. With our in house CFD and FEA software GHT is leading the industry in development of new fin technology.

Multiple Motor Options

GHT offers all of our standard and custom built coolers with a variety of motors. Whether it's electric (12/24V or AC motors), hydraulic or pneumatic motors we offer solutions that meet your application needs.

Engineering Capability

With our design team, we are able to provide services that allow you to design a product with objectives in mind such as reducing weight without sacrificing durability, or optimizing heat transfer.  We can also perform feasibility tests to ensure that flaws in a design are found and rectified before production begins.

Our Services:

  • Rig design
  • Development of rotating machinery
  • Cooling system design and configuration
  • CFD and thermal design
  • FEA, weight reduction and optimization

  • Technical documentation and product animations
  • On demand contract staffing (onsite/offsite)
  • Design automation
  • Failure diagnosis and design calculations/validation
  • Cfd

    A Total Cooling System Package


    All-in-One Design
    Global Heat Transfer can offer you a cooling system as an all-in-one package. This means you can have various combinations of coolers all on one radiator. You will only need a single, centralized power source which makes the design efficient in terms of space. This also results in reduced weight for your equipment which will save you on fuel costs over time.

    Available Coolers include:
    - Transmission Cooler
    - Hydraulic Cooler
    - Brake Oil Cooler
    - Compressor Oil Cooler
    - Lube Oil Cooler
    - Charge Air Cooler

    We offer the following designs:

    Front-Back Designs:

    Each Cooler mounts behind the other one. Only front cooler sees the coldest air first.

    Stacked Designs:

    Cooler stacked on top of another cooler.  Both see coldest air first.

    Side by Side Designs:

    Coolers are side by side and both are seeing coldest air first.


    We can take nearly any current design and build it to the original specifications.

    Combinations of all Four:

    Depending on the cooling requirements and any special requests we may incorporate all four of the designs above.  Each Cooler mounts behind the other one. Only front cooler sees the coldest air first.